Why buy a Sunshine Home?


We have been proudly building homes for kiwis for over 35 years.  We provide an affordable housing solution that fits your budget and doesn’t compromise on quality. Competitive prices, a wide range, experience, and customization, our skills are not just related to the build process but the customer experience. We at Sunshine Homes are willing to go the extra mile to help make things as simple as possible for you  the customer. Free custom design and complete freedom of design thanks to our Durapanel walls.


Our hybrid yard of covered and uncovered bays gives us flexibility, smaller builds can be completed through any stage in the covered bays year-round and even our larger buildings can reach the weathertight stage in a matter of weeks thanks to our local partnerships, efficient ordering, and quick-build designs built to a high standard by our qualified on-site builders and carpenters. 


  1. 6 months from start to finish – nothing required other than your need to choose the design.
  2. There is a Sunshine solution to fit your budget, your site and your personal preference.
  3. From a smaller dwelling – to an expansive home – your choice.
  4. Our standard plans are fully customisable and are just a starting point for finding the perfect Sunshine solution for your building project.
  5. Sunshine Homes are a market leader in mid-price house design and construction.
  6. Space-saving building solutions e.g. cavity sliders and califonts.
  7. Your choice of frame or Durapanel build (faster to build, strong and no need to find a beam for picture hooks etc).
  8. Our options include a full choice of exterior claddings from fully paintable to low maintenance Durapanel. Our weatherboards (or Palliside, no painting or ongoing maintenance required besides occasional washing) and double-glazed aluminium joinery are easy to clean and the colour steel roof looks great for years.


Our aim is to provide an affordable housing solution that fits your budget and doesn’t compromise on quality. A sunshine Home just feels better. Our 5 year guarantee comes standard.

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